The Natural Vet Partner Program
How Does It Work?

You are basically doing what you already do everyday, anyway...
telling others about a company and/or the products you love!

(And This Time It's Us And Dr. Dan Will Reward You For It!)

Our advanced online platform is geared for success by providing an online portal to manage and grow your referral activities month-after-month!

  • The most important part of the program is the unique affiliate-partner link we provide to you.
  • You share that link in person, through email, on social media and other word-of-mouth opportunities.
  • To help you with that sharing, you have access to uniquely linked images, PDF's, graphics and more.
  • When referrals use your link to access our website and then create a customer account at, that account is linked to you.
  • Once linked to you, their future orders are tracked and the commisionable/rewardable value (5%) is applied to your account.
  • Your Partner Portal will provide reporting functions to help you measure your results.
  • We validate the prior month's orders on or around the 15th of each following month.
  • Once those orders are validated, Reward Points are uploaded on that day and applied into your existing Rewards total at
  • Those Rewards are then redeemed and applied to your order as you shop and select products from


Tens of Thousands of Reward "Points" Have Already Been Used at TheNaturalVet.NET

Our longtime Customer Rewards program has already provided what amounts to ten's of thousands of dollars worth of free products. Your "Referral" Rewards will be combined with your personal Customer Rewards for ease-of-use on not only your own products purchases, but because of our unique overall Rewards system, it's even possible to donate your rewards to your chosen animal cause or mission that can use products from The Natural Vet.


Rescues, Clubs Organizations And Others Can Partner Too!

Not only can our customers donate their Reward points to others with a cause, those causes can also create their own Partner accounts and generate their own Referral Rewards to use on the products they can use.

Advanced Tracking & No Minimums!

Unlike most affiliate-type programs that rely strictly on cookies for tracking, your referrals are directly linked to you via their personal customer/shopping account at without the worry of cookie expiration. Plus, there is no minimum amount to earn before your Rewards are deposited into your account at the designated time each month.

Working Together Has Its Rewards!!

The Natural Vet & Dr. Dan Moore along with his staff have dozens of years of experience in the direct-selling industry and will be putting that knowledge to work for you. We are looking forward to having you join with us as we grow this program and the connected opportunities. It's an exciting time!

Start Earning Now!

Our Affiliate Partner Program Is Free To Join.
We only require that you have an existing customer account at The Natural Vet. If you do not have a customer account at click here to start one today.

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